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Hi, I am a Delhi based UI/UX designer with 12+ years experience, specialises in creating attractive, accessible, intuitive portals, mobile apps and user interface developments.

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layout designing

Owning an online site is not just enough, your web based business depends upon your presentation skills which make your presence more imperative. We understand your needs as per market trends and dedicate ourselves to provide best UI.

Social media

In the social media era; every website offers their own designs to share a page, an article, images and other content to social networking websites like: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Hence the necessity to create something new.

mobile application
Mobile Application

The fast moving world today wants everything on its fingertips (like- mobile, tablet, laptop), the user wants to access the whole world 24 X 7. HTML5 is one of the most powerful and feature-rich tools to develop mobile as well as web applications

From the idea to individual site

Each project is different. Sometimes it begins with the famous sketch on the beer mats, sometimes with brainstorming and coffee in the office. Suppose there were a default project, then would look something like our standard workflow:



Layout & Illustration




About Me

My personal and professional background


Hi, I'm a web designer based at New Delhi, India who loves design. I have been designing for web for past 12+ years. I have expertise in designing both dynamic & static websites.

Till date I have designed more than 120 websites for various clients operating in different industry verticals. I also have expertise in designing mobile websites and application UI. Being SEO literate I’m well aware of points that makes the website Search Engine friendly. All websites designed by me are as per the W3C Standards & SEO friendly.

My Specialization

  • Detailed mock-ups for website
  • People Management
  • Wireframing for application
  • Single page application design
  • Front End Development
  • Branding and Corporate Identity
  • Tableless design (DIV based)
  • Design Mobile Apps UI
  • Newsletters Design


Summary of Skills





You certainly want to see what we have done! Here are some of our completed projects.
  • PriceRaja
    • Coding
    • Design
  • Ganjam Kandhmal Gajapati
    • Design
  • Saffron Public School
    • Coding
    • Design
  • Caper Travels
    • Design
  • spicetel
    • Coding
    • Design
  • GJD News
    • Coding
    • Design



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